Fabric purses

Member Luann Gilligan of Round Lake, NY, has brought in some lovely little fabric purses with interesting buttons to brighten up the market. Check them out – they’ll be gone in a hurry!

Simply Saratoga Home & Garden

Congratulations to member Martha Starke who has been featured in the artist spotlight in the May/June issue of Simply Saratoga Home & Garden 2017. (Find her feature on pages 25 & 25, as well as on page 154.) All of Martha’s work is garden-inspired. As a...

Fabric artist Kris Gregson Moss

Welcome to our newest member, Kris Gregson Moss Kris Gregson Moss is not a quilter. She is an artist who sews pieces of fabric together in interesting shapes, this is true. But she often takes the process a step further by making them into cloth sculptures using wood...


Congratulations to our newest member Kris Gregson Moss who won first place in a three-dimensional art show at the View Arts Center in Old Forge, NY. She won for a piece of fabric sculpture called “Synchronicity.” Congrats Kris!

Stained glass artist Diana Schleicher

Diana Schleicher often starts a stained glass project — such as a sun catcher or mosaic piece — by allowing the glass itself to suggest a subject. Sometimes it’s a landscape, a bird or insect or some kind of geometric design. “The texture of the glass and the way the...