Paper and botanical artist Martha Starke continues our Two Truths and a Lie contest. Which is the lie?!

1. I own a painting created by a convicted felon who painted it while in prison for art forgery.

2. My favorite piece of art is a sculpture made mostly of human hair. 

3. I traded clothing or toiletries for most of the art that decorates my home.

Number 2 was the lie. Thanks for playing!

Valley Artisans Market is celebrating our 35th year in business with a contest: Two Truths and a Lie. Each week, from Sept. 18-Nov. 20, we will post two truths and a lie about one of our members on our FaceBook page. Guess the lie correctly by responding in the FaceBook post and you will be entered into a drawing to receive 35 percent off ONE item at VAM. (Yes, you can receive a discount off of an expensive painting, an item out of a Small Gallery show, or that piece you have had your eye on that is just out of reach.) The more correct guesses, the better your chances are of winning. The drawing will be held at VAM during our Holiday Open House on Nov. 26, 2016. To be a winner, you must sign up for our monthly email newsletter; find the link at the bottom of this page on our website. The winner will be notified via our newsletter. Winners must come into the market to make their purchase in person. Good luck!

Input your answer on our FaceBook page by Oct. 23 when the answer will be revealed and the next question will be posted.