Artist: Stu Eichel

Vam is getting a Face Lift

Every year, Valley Artisans Market closes down for part of January to clean, paint, scrub and polish so that we can start the year off on a new foot. This year, we will be closed for a bit longer, from Jan. 1 through Jan. 23, for a little extra attention. We will be upgrading some of the lighting so you can see all the beautiful artwork better. We will also be repairing the ceiling from years of small leaks here and there that have left stains, and made the place look at little tired. The Small Gallery will be getting new drywall on the ceiling and an entire paint job. If you happen to peak in windows, you will see all of the art will be gone. Not to worry – we aren’t closing! To protect all our art from drywall dust, we will be removing our work to our various studios and homes, and preparing new work to bring into the Market for the new year. We are excited to reveal the new and improved VAM, all sparkling and clean, at the end of January.

Our ceiling will be repaired and painted so you see the art and not the damage of years of weather!


Until then, we wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2019.


Located in historic Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY, and amidst the rolling hills of Washington County in upstate New York, Valley Artisans Market is one of the oldest arts cooperatives in the country. Local fine artists and craftsmen work in a variety of hand-crafted media including glass, paper, cloth, photography, oil paintings, pastels, wood, mosaic, sculpture, metal, jewelry, ceramics and more. The Small Gallery features rotating shows by members and guest artists, and the market is always staffed by one of its artisan members.