Congratulations to Dustin Jaenecke, a student who graduated from Mount Anthony High School in Bennington, Vermont. He was the recipient of the annual $100 scholarship from VAM given to a promising local art student. His art teacher, who had him in an advanced calligraphy class, reported that he excelled everything given to him and was adventurous in his work. “He wasn’t planning to continue with art in college, and it is my hope that he takes this scholarship and the recognition as a gentle nudge in the direction of art. He will be attending Sage in Albany in the fall and I have encouraged him to take advantage of their art department while he’s there,” said his teacher.
“In a few months, I will be moving on to college for a degree in Computer Science,” said Dustin. “Annie, among others, has encouraged me to continue to work and expand my knowledge in art. Although I still plan on a degree in the science field, I am, and continue to be, inspired by the sheer beauty and opportunity that art has to offer, so I am going to at least try to attend some art classes while at college – the campus I am going to has a great art program, and I think that I would benefit to learn even more about calligraphy and art in general – there’s simply so much to see.”