Photographer Ian Creitz has been playing with photography since he was in high school but his interest increased in 2004 when he was given his first digital camera. “From there I continued to grow in my craft. Ever few years I upgrade my equipment and continue teaching myself and picking up tips from other seasoned photographers,” he says.
       In recent years, his work has focused on the juxtaposition of nature and man, and the decay left behind by structures that have been vacated, like photos taken at Mary McClellan Hospital. He is always inspired by finding a new location to shoot and challenging himself by studying other artists and then “seeing if I can create something similar but with my artistic twist,” he says.
      But Ian’s creative pursuits are not just in digital photography.
       “I am always interested in making things with my hands. But just the process of creating and learning a new skill fascinates me,” he says.
       Though he only exhibits his digital photography at Valley Artisans, he has explored other media. “As a younger kid I always enjoyed art class. I also was taught how to throw pottery and created many pieces in the few years I took the classes,” he says. Most recently, he has explored working with wood. I built a coffee table from a maple pallet wood. It had a finished top in tung oil with a rising sunbeam pattern. It was my most challenging piece to date,” he says. It was this piece Ian was most sad to see go when it was sold to a person in another state.        
       When he is not being creative, you can find him helping his brother sell apparel ( at festivals around the Northeast.
       You can see more of Ian’s work on his website and on Instagram. For more about Ian, check out his bio.