Lise Winne

I received a BS in Studio Art from Skidmore College (Summa Cum Laude) and a MS degree in Art Education from The College of Saint Lise WinneRose (Magna Cum Laude). I also took post-graduate classes in computer aided graphic design. I taught art at Head Start and the public schools (preschool – 12th grade), college pottery classes, and for workshops.

At Valley Artisans my main medium is digital art, illustration and tiny original drawings and paintings. I sell greeting cards and other printed paper products, prints, mini originals and CDs. From 1988 – 2009 my main medium for the shop was pottery and ceramic sculpture.

I became a jack-of-all-trades kind of artist in the tradition of the old masters. I was most inspired by William Morris who created everything from wall papers, to fabrics, to stained glass windows, to illustrations for books, and even wrote music. He also tended to look to the Renaissance, Classical period and Celtic traditions for ideas, as I do. Teaching so many mediums in the schools also inspired my direction.

My father was an architect, artist, musician and college professor, and informed my direction in life too.

Besides the mediums I am known for at Valley Artisans, I also create original paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor; I have a graphic arts business and create illustrations for publications, advertisements, banners, avatars, website, weddings and clip art; I am a cartoonist for a blog; and I create Renaissance costumes for our band. I also became an expert in stained glass design because I had to teach it in the schools.

The style I am most known for is Celtic-inspired, Renaissance-inspired and story-book inspired art and design. This style makes up roughly 70 percent of my portfolio. In 2011 I embarked on a new project called “the bouquet series”: 50 works which are photography-related and feature flowers, leaves, borders, and a few with drawing, and altered using digital techniques. Most of these works were translated into greeting cards and gift tags and became available at Valley Artisans in 2013 (see

My resume includes art awards, exhibits in museums and art centers, gallery representation, gift shop representation and gallery curatorial work.

I also have had a long career as a musician (CDs, radio play throughout Europe, awards, New York state grants, songwriting, modern versions of Renaissance and ancient Celtic music, public performing and touring).