July 28, 2023 - August 22, 2023

Artist reception will be held July 29th, 3:00-5:00 .  The public is welcome!

Paintings by Marina Petro and Lise Winne

Lise Winne: For the exhibit at Valley Artisan’s Market, Lise will be focusing on her own brand of fantasy art which often takes animals and plants from the real world, and puts a twist on them. Magic, detail, a story and a bit of luminosity infuse her work.

Mediums include acrylic, ink and watercolor, and sometimes digital art.

As for her part in depicting “visits from the muse”, you will have to come to the show to know who her muses are for this particular show (hint: one of them is her “partner in art”, Marina Petro).

Marina Petro: Marina will be featuring the variety of painting styles she employs in the “Paintings From The Muse” exhibit with Lise Winne at Valley Artisan’s Market. Marina’s muse is ever changing, transforming, evolving and challenging her to experiment with creating in new ways. Marina’s paintings range from dream-like, celestial, and bold abstract works to realism and intuitive paintings.

The latest series is called ‘Love Blooms’ and features bright, colorful, cheerful floral paintings created intuitively. In addition to original paintings, Marina will be featuring a selection of her angel prints.

If you want to experience real magic, make sure to see this show!

Lise Winne: The Embrace
Lise Winne: The Cathedral
Marina Petro: Angel Of Forgiveness
Marina Petro: Icebound
Marina Petro: Love Blooms

About the Artists

Lise Winne:
Lise has exhibited in galleries, museums and juried shows throughout the northeast, receiving awards at some of them, and she also had the distinction of being part of a Whitney Museum of Art book that was part of and coincided with a performance/exhibition headed by Jill Kroesen called “Collecting Injustices, Unnecessary Suffering”, and part of a larger exhibition at the museum called “Human Interest”.

In addition, she has a Bachelors degree in Studio Art and a Masters Degree in Art Education. She is adept at many different kinds of mediums from teaching art in public and private schools, K – 12, especially the clay arts, illustration, and digital arts, all of which are reflected in her paintings in various ways.

Marina Petro:
In 2019 she was honored with a special citation by Senator Jim Tedisco, NY for her work as an artist to add to the quality of life for others! Several of her oil paintings are in the permanent collection of fine art at Saratoga Hospital on the new Orthopedic Surgery floor. Her artwork has been used to illustrate national magazine articles, books, music CD’s, wine bottle collections, business stationery and featured in a variety of publications. Her paintings and prints are in private collections worldwide.