January 20, 2017 - February 14, 2017

Artist Reception: January 21, 1-3 pm.

Quilted Alchemy 

An enchanting mixture of the magical, mystical and mundane

Artists Statement by Susan Rivers, Fiber Artist

3moon-dance-susanWelcome to my world!

Since my early days of beloved blankies and swatches brought home to me by my grandfather who worked in the NYC Garment District, fabric has always held magic for me.

Creating with fabric is so much more than cutting material up and sewing it back together. It is personal expression. It can convey a celebration of joy, be a catharsis for dealing with loss, or be meditative with purpose and peace in every stitch. For me, one eight-pointed star quilt led to another and down a path of exploration and discovery with many surprises along the way. I am proud to be part of the fine tradition of quilting and on the forefront of bringing this quintessential folk art forward. The quilting of our predecessors is not fading away. It is an evolving art form that has totally embraced modern technology.

Join me on this journey in pursuit of Quilted Alchemy where I will share with you:

  • The magic of putting three layers of fabric together to create something that can comfort and tell a story.
  • The magic of what happens when you add the element of fire. You will be amazed at what an iron can do! I can turn straw into gold and other astonishing feats.
  • The magic of dyeing fabrics and playing with color and light.
  • The magic of technology: starting with the sewing machine and expanding into the digital age. I think it; I can print it on fabric.
  • The magic of the mundane. I can shine a light on the enchanted but overlooked.

Each piece in the show will indicate “the magic in me.” It is my hope that some element of this show will speak to you and spark you to create some magic of your own.