February 21, 2020 - March 18, 2020

Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, February 22nd, 3-5pm. The public is welcome!

Artist’s Statement

My painting style is directly related to my liking to control things. I paint realistically. It is not photo realism, although I do use manipulated photography extensively throughout the painting process. I love edges and surfaces – I love to play with light and its effect on colors. My paintings usually exhibit a smooth surface, have a composition that is thought out and solid, have light changes as befits the subject and that subject will be representational. The image will represent those times when you pass by a scene or and object and you have to stop and look longer, before you move on.

I hope that my subject matter – which does get eclectic sometimes – doesn’t throw people off. Each painting that I do will have the sense of suspended animation of a moment. That moment, I believe, is worth just a couple of seconds more thought. I would love it if viewers would place this moment in their own lives and see if it relates to any of their own experiences.

My intent is to exhibit paintings that show things that have piqued my interest strong enough to make me turn inward to create a vision worth sharing.

For more information on Paul, visit his website at http://paulmchapmanart.com/bio-res-page.html