September 29, 2017 - October 24, 2017


Lise Winne

I found that through 32 years of selling art, clients who purchase particular pieces of art are unconsciously attracted to the symbolism present in the pieces. When they are made aware of what the piece is  conveying, using Jungian concepts, Tarot-type meanings and typical spiritual dream symbolism across cultures, they often identify with these symbols in their present lives or self.

In my own work, I use doves to represent spirit. They also represent peace, of course. But in many cultures, the dove is also a messenger to sacrifice oneself to a higher cause, to purify oneself of lower agendas and to acquire devotion to a cause, people or persons. It is a call to more awareness, to seeing spirit and meaning in everything. When an art work has doves combined with other spirit animals, the dove is part of the overall meaning or story of the piece.

I also depict rabbits and Tarot figures in a lot of my work. The rabbit is a vulnerable animal, yet a survivor, and it learns to avoid predators. I use rabbits in my work to represent vulnerable people and children. When rabbits and doves are together, there is a blessing and a calling to become aware and to spread the word of peace. When Tarot figures are in the work, it is about recognizing their symbolic meanings within oneself.


I am an artist of many mediums in the tradition of old-time artists like William Morris and Leonardo DaVinci. My work tends to fall in the traditions of storybook art, fantasy art, Celtic-style art and “cause art”. Most of my inspirations come through dreams and dream imagery.

In 2013, I began a long research and writing project on abuse and bullying, and some of that research and art-making was assembled and compressed in my ever-evolving survivor-oriented blog called “Misadventures With Angry Alcoholics, Bullies and Narcissists”. Some of the art works from that blog spread through social media and culminated in being featured in a book published by the Whitney Museum of Art. Even much of my present fantasy and spiritual art is about, and is meant for, the audience of survivors.

I like to think that my art is part of my life path following in the tradition of my Uncle Albert Bigelow and my father. My uncle was one of the 13 original Freedom Riders, a protester of war and nuclear weapons, called me “twin”, was a painter and architect, and was featured in the PBS documentary, “Freedom Riders” ( My father was like my uncle Albert: also a civil rights demonstrator, anti-war demonstrator and architect who designed buildings for the poor. It is my belief that my mother married my father for this uncanny like-ness to Uncle Albert.

Being an educator, advocate, activist and voice for victims of bullying and abuse is my part in a continuation of this family tradition. Most of the despotic tyrants who start wars often come from abusive authoritarian families, so war and peace often start in the home, and with small children. The dove is the apt symbol for a quest to bring spiritual awakening to issues of child abuse and abuse of other innocents, and spreading peace and awareness in the world


Marina Petro
Visionary & Contemporary Fine Art
“Painting the magnificent beauty of Heaven and Earth through my vision”
I am an artist, clairvoyant, and present workshops in Intuitive Painting and Developing Intuition. I paint what I love, what inspires me. My artwork ranges from visionary and celestial pieces, to realistic landscapes, equine portraits, still life and bold abstract works….some of which are considered “Healing Art.” Many of my paintings are created intuitively, from my imagination. Painting from my inner world demands existing in the moment–responding to impulses and impressions as they arise and seek external life. My still life pieces and more realistic landscapes and florals are painted from life or photographs. This provides the dynamic of a visual reference point in the external world–a radically different experience. One is my internal, spiritual world brought into visibility. The other brings the external world into, and through me, for expression. Each is a great adventure, providing unlimited possibilities for creative discovery. I participate with the “Daily Painters” and have exhibited with the Daily Painters Online International Art Gallery. We are a worldwide group of artists who typically paint daily and post each piece at our painting blogs. I have participated in the international “Bridging Heaven & Earth” project. This is a collaboration of artists all over the world creating a work of art with the theme of bridging heaven and earth – the spiritual with the earthly. It is considered a world wide effort, using art and the collective energies of many, to bring more light and love into this world. Four of my original oil paintings have been purchased by Saratoga Hospital, in Saratoga Springs, NY for their permanent collection of fine art. They can be viewed in the new orthopedic wing. My artwork has been used to illustrate national magazine articles, book covers, music CD covers, wine collections, business stationery, and featured in a variety of publications and national magazines. In the summer of 2015, I was commissioned to create paintings on polo balls to be presented as trophies at the Saratoga Polo Association polo matches. I hope my artwork inspires you and lifts your spirit…


Opening reception: Sunday October 1 from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm