June 2, 2023 - June 27, 2023

Artist reception will be held June 2nd, 6:00-8:00.  The public is welcome!


 Mostly Mushrooms

I love to paint just about anything and after many hikes I decided to direct my attention to the variety of mushrooms along my treks. The more I studied and tried to identify each fungi the more humbled I became with every detail I painted.
I’m still not 100 percent sure of each species I rendered so feel free to come and correct my labels with provided post-its.


About the Artist

Born in Buffalo Leslie chose NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology to study illustration for her BFA. After studying abroad and apprenticing in Italy Leslie began a 23year career in romance novel cover illustration and portraiture. She then met her husband and moved upstate, started a family and happily shifted her art towards farm animals and still life’s. Each year Leslie likes to do a small collection of something out of her usual subjects to help stay fresh and challenged. Last year was birds. This year it’s mushrooms.