September 3, 2021 - September 28, 2021

Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, September 4th from 3-5pm.  Refreshments will be served and the public is welcome!

Artist’s Statement

Laura Leigh is a fine artist and maker of organic watercolor paints based from Cambridge, and is currently based out of New Paltz NY. Laura incorporates a lot of abstraction into her plein air landscape paintings, and has done a lot of work capturing the old barns of Washington County. After completing her BFA in Painting and Drawing from SUNY New Paltz in 2014, she completed several artist’s residency programs, many in national parks. Laura has created her own earth pigment library made from minerals and clay from across the country and teaches many workshops and painting classes both in person and online.
Laura Leigh’s new solo show captures the nostalgia of the old structures of Washington county. Most of the work was done en plein air in Cambridge NY and surrounding towns. The abstract elements of the work represent the energy that remains in the buildings, after so many spirits have passed through them. A lot of the work was completed with local ochre and mineral pigments that Laura makes herself in her 1800’s milking-barn studio located on ash grove.
“I am inspired by the connection that people have to landscape, and the energy that is contained and passed down over time through natural resources. My paintings come from a soulful connection with nature, anatomy, and land. I mimic the recurrent forms and shapes found in nature, such as geometric spiral patterns, ripples, water, winding rivers, and more. Rather than capturing realism, I am more drawn to the mood, energy, emotion, and abstract elements of land. Creating locally sourced, natural materials and painting en plein air is an act of capturing the primitive energy of the land in a tangible form.”