October 26, 2018 - November 18, 2018
Metropolitan Jazz an exhibition of mixed media work
Artist Reception will be held on Saturday October 27th from 3:00 – 5:00 PM. The public is welcome.
As I wander through the city with a camera in hand, I photograph interesting random bits of graffiti, construction, and deconstruction.
Then I select images that interest me and that lend themselves to high contrast black and white manipulation and make screens out of them. I print them on raw canvas – either natural or tinted, and add monoprinting and whatever techniques work for me. I work improvisationally, pinning on my design wall, moving and re-arranging until I achieve a satisfying result.
My recent work is all based on and inspired by the city, drawing for color and texture on the peeling rust infused walls, the signs and language to create a cacophony of the vibrations and life of the city.
Typing, graffiti and fragments of written messages, combined with sights and sounds of New York City, are the inspiration for this current body of work