October 21, 2016 - November 15, 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday, October 23, 12:30-2:30 pm. The public is welcome and refreshments will be served.


Do you believe in fairies? Have you wondered about how and where they live? Helen Green knows! And she will show you at the

Helen Greeneexhibit of her fairy homes. All her fairy homes are exact copies of some she has found in the woods and fields around her home. And, of course, she has copied them with the generous permission of her fairy friends. Helen uses the same “found” materials that the fairies use. “It’s amazing what the fairies are willing to share about their lives,” says Helen. “And they stood in line to model for my sculptures.” Helen has found that most fairies around her home on Cobble Hill build their homes out of gourds. “I turn a blind eye whenever they ‘borrow’ one from my garden. The fairies who live in my gourd homes are the keepers and protectors of nature’s treasures. Specifically, the fairy inhabitants of my gourd homes are the keepers of the flora and fauna of Cobble Hill. The beautiful woods and fields surrounding our house are full of perfect fairy habitats and wondrous, often unique raw materials, all of which supply magical inspiration with every outing,” she says.

Helen will have fairy houses for sale and some just for display.


Adrian Sweeney has exhibited her fairy-inspired ink and pen-ink-and-watercolor as far afield as “The Netherbow” in Edinburg, Scotland and the “Findhorn Community Art Gallery” near Inverness, where a close kinship with the elemental spirits is celebrated daily. Locally she exhibits at “The Georgi” in Shushan, NY, “The Garden Galley” in Carslisle, PA, and the “Stevenson’s Galley” in Manchester, VT.

After retiring from teaching art for 24 years in North Bennington, Adrian built fairy houses with Children at The Bennington Free Library and “The Georgi.” She has also been co-director with Cathy Shore of the North Bennington Children’s Shakespeare Theater. She designed and directed summer camps for the Hayes Foundation Summerweek on Elfin Lake in Wallingford, VT and on Lake Paran in North Bennington for 16 years culminating in her last summer camp Entitled “Fairy Tales and their Illustrators.” She lives in Rupert, VT with her husband of 34 years, 3 dogs, 28 chickens and thousands of fairies!