June 30, 2023 - July 25, 2023

Artist reception will be held July 1, 3:00-5:00 .  The public is welcome!


Farmscape – Oil On Canvas

Farmscape presents small and large vignettes of farm life–equipment, infrastructure, scenery, animals, and crops–with a hint of magical realism. Considering the utility and hardships of farming, Farmscape seeks to honor the aspects of a farming ecosystem and highlight the beauty, tranquility, and escapism that can also be found there.


About the Artist

Hallie Boyce lives in West Pawlet, VT and has been oil painting for over five years. Although Hallie’s professional career has been in nonprofit and international development work, she has always tried to incorporate art and the creative process into her life. From taking art classes at Parsons School of Design, to being recognized for her photography in college (George Washington University), to creating art for friends and family.

In addition, she has always been naturally drawn to farming and agriculture, which is frequently the subject matter of her paintings. Farming has always been an essential part of her family: her grandfather kept sheep at his home in Vermont and her Irish heritage includes generations of farming. The farming ethos—hard work, patience, perseverance, adaptability, and humor(!)—has definitely transcended different aspects of her life.

Farmscape is a significant milestone for Hallie on her oil painting “journey,” which was initially encouraged by her aunt, Margaret. She was then welcomed into a painting community in upstate New York led by her friend and mentor, Janine Thomas. As Hallie lost her grandfather in 2022, her art companion and a watercolor painter who always reminded her to “keep your brushes wet”, Hallie’s way of honoring her grandfather is through her painting.