October 20, 2023 - November 14, 2023

Artist reception will be held October 21, 3:00-5:00 .  The public is welcome!


Pond, Cloud, Mountain, River, Stream

Diane Reed Sawyer works in pastel, and oil and cold wax. From her studio, she watches the movement of clouds crossing the sky, and works to capture what she sees. Intrigued as well by the beauty and motion of water, she explores ponds, rivers, and streams, taking photos, making sketches, and noting colors. In her studio, she enjoys making the final piece. 

Clouds Rising
Dusk Over Mountains
Fall River Run
Pond Reflections
Rushing Stream

About the Artist

Diane Reed Sawyer lives in North Adams, MA. From her studio she has an ever changing view of the mountains and the sky, following the movement of clouds as the
sun moves across the horizon. Diane works both in soft pastel, and oil with cold-wax. While these are different techniques, they both are made with pure pigment, whether mixed with oil, or held together by a simple binder.

Several years ago Diane began to explore oil and cold-wax. Working with this medium opened up a new process of discovery for her, with great leeway to experiment.
Working abstractly and intuitively ideas emerge while she manipulates the paint using brayers, squeegees and all kinds of found objects that help build texture on the
In both these mediums Diane enjoys discovering new directions, and walking the line between representation and abstraction.  “I choose soft pastel for its immediacy, and its ability to capture form and light. I delight in exploring the rich spectrum of color in the landscape.” — Diane Sawyer

“I love the resiliency of oil and cold-wax-medium, layering, drawing and scraping back into the surface, uncovering new ideas and ways to work.” — Diane Sawyer