August 25, 2023 - September 19, 2023

Artist reception will be held August 26, 3:00-5:00 .  The public is welcome!

A fractal is a complex, never-ending pattern created by endless copies of itself on a different scale.  Think of the fern leaf; if you look closely, you see each frond is made up of smaller and smaller copies of the frond.  Some fractal patterns are easily recognized (the pinecone), some not so obvious (ocean coastline), but they both are naturally occurring with mathematical equations defining their shapes.  I find patterns very soothing, and my artwork has centered on creating comforting patterns, long before I even knew what a fractal was.

For this show, I’ve gathered works I created over the years, produced some new work, or finished pieces that I started but never completed until now. Each piece, whether it be ceramics, paintings, or other art form, contains aesthetically pleasing and soothing art of repeating patterns.

Mexican Alligator Lizard
Flutter By
Alan Turing’s Leopard >
Simple Pink Dot

About the Artist

Christine Levy is a self-taught artist who works primarily in two art forms: pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) and ceramics. She lives in upstate NY in rural Washington County. Living in Greenwich NY and working from her studio in nearby Cambridge provides a bucolic environment, offering a quiet life full of natural beauty and inspiration.