July 10, 2020 - August 4, 2020

Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, July 11th, 3-5pm.  The public is welcome!

Artist’s Statement

Through gestural paint strokes, my work explores the subjectivity of human experience. Themes that address impermanence, identity, power dynamics, eroticism, and an interrogation of gender categories weave through the different bodies of work. Fluidity and the overlap of apparent opposites are consistent elements both conceptually and aesthetically. This is reflected in the balance between representation of the figure and the physical properties of the materials and process.

Grounded in the history of western art, I have been deeply influenced by ink and brush painting from China and Japan. Opposite elements are literally interwoven to convey the underlying Zen philosophy. This is seen in the relationship of empty and full space; figure and background, clouds and mountains, ink and paper, body and mind. I use this tradition in order to reevaluate the division of masculinity and femininity. Breaking boundaries between dichotomies is essential to my practice. Rigid gender categories are far too limiting.