August 5, 2022 - August 30, 2022

Artist Reception and Gallery Talk by the Artists will be held on Friday August 5, 4:00 -6:00.   The public is welcome!


About the Artists

Kathleen Loomis

I was given paper scraps from a mill that made filter paper.  It could absorb much more water than any other paper I had ever used. It also easily held it’s shape as I worked with it on the heated tiles of my kitchen floor.  This process reminded me of my childhood. Every Saturday my sisters and I spent the morning helping our mother clean the house.  My job was washing the floors, I remember throwing the wet wash rag in the air and marveling at the shapes it made when it hit the floor. My supply of filter paper scraps is gone. But my method of forming shapes on the heated tiles of kitchen floor remains the same, as does my excitement about the way the shapes just seem to make sense and feel right.  Once they have dried and have been hung on the wall, I can’t stop looking at them. My hope is that the more I think about what makes sense and feels right, the better prepared I will be to make the best decisions I can in this complex life.

Carol Bollinger Green

Recent drawings and paintings are created intuitively, using watercolor, colored pencil, oil pastel, acrylic, and/or collage, on heavy weight papers, canvas or board. I enjoy preparing the studio, going outdoors for a walk along fields and woods, and returning to play with the materials Color, gesture, mark, and placement are chosen without observing a subject or having a concept in mind. Will there be a grand gesture of red, a decisive black line, a cool wash of blue, maybe faint spots of green? Sensing the moment, using a body-centered approach, what color arises, what movement, shape, placement? Checking back to sense how this feels, what color surfaces now? As with dreams, images may come and go and change without reason. Curiosity and wonder invite me to explore and experiment, free from expectations, and to stay present with whatever is unfolding spontaneously.

Bridget Rose Green

Bridget Rose Green is an artist and an educator.  She approaches school days and the arts process in a way that balances the fresh with the familiar; excitement encourages trust and ease.  She appreciates the call to facilitate engagement within elementary studies, as well as to cultivate space in evening and summer lulls where arts and imagination could root and thrive, perhaps. 

Ceramics, painting, writing and sound are key focus points for Bridget’s ongoing practices.  Workshops in Santa Fe and New York offer inspiration through new methods and opportunities for community recreation.  She hopes cross-pollination will yield eventual evolution in her ceramics – she utilizes hand building and wheel techniques, and variations in firing methods: electric, gas in reduction, and wood.   She values function in form; many a set emerges from variations on a theme.  Two-dimensional works tend to acrylic local landscapes. Writing and words play an integral role in pathfinding.

Bridget currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the light and sky are just right for listening.