Cheryl Gutmaker

13320964_1187137641317165_1451882906301326495_oAs a child in my small hometown in central New York, I was fascinated with the many stained glass windows that I saw in private homes and churches. I have always been a collector and lover of glass, but in 2004 I became a maker of glass art objects and jewelry. Beginning at the torch making glass beads, I quickly turned to fusing in a kiln and eventually to blowing glass.

Much of my training took place at the Corning Museum of Glass. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the excellent instructors and staff at The Studio of the Corning Museum. Long discussions with other glass artists fueled my passion for my craft and inspired me to explore new techniques and ideas.

My philosophy is that glass is a medium to be actively enjoyed. My work is grounded in functionality; many of my pieces are meant to be used to entertain, yet other pieces are simply vehicles for pushing the boundaries of the medium, using glass in unexpected ways, but always with the goal of making beautiful glass accessible to all. Truly, it is something to be enjoyed. “The Lady’s Got Glass!”

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