Susan Williams

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I lived in Connecticut and central New York, and for two years in Lyon, France, before settling in Saratoga Springs with my husband in 2013. After earning a BFA at the College of New Rochelle, I created and studied acrylics and watercolors while raising our family. Later, I began exploring collage as a means of merging the various means of artistic expression that interest me.

In collage, I use papers that I’ve painted, marked, stamped and printed with acrylics, colored pencil, graphite, ink, gesso, and oil pastels. I incorporate found papers, art papers, ephemera, vintage illustrations and print. I use old lace and photographs, buttons, jewelry and fabrics. I often use stitching and gel transfers as the collage layers are added. I assemble each collage with acrylic gel matte medium or a mixture of Yes paste and acrylic glazing liquid on stretched canvas or heavy paper. I also make altered books, in which I partly deconstruct a discarded book and transform its content with collage and paint.

My other mixed media work includes miniature journals, collage notecards, and handsewn beaded and embroidered necklaces and purses.I’m always gratified to find beauty and storied character in old and worn things, and to give them new life.