Linda Mulready-Corrow

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I have only been making baskets for two years but I love the process so much–weaving reeds with my hands, dyeing the reeds to make colors and exploring many different patterns and textures–that I feel like I have been doing it for a long time.

I picked up basket weaving when I was looking for a hobby and haven’t put it down since, making not just baskets but also birdhouses and small baskets that are used as Christmas ornaments. I also weave reeds around objects, like four-inch medicine bottles that are popular in head shops.

My baskets are unique in that I use small caliber, round reeds (rather than flat ones) that I purchase from North Carolina. I use as many as six straights–the reeds that run up and down–when many other basket-makers only use two or three. (The more one uses, the more challenging it is to weave a basket.) I also weave my own bases rather than using a wooden base. I dye my reeds to make my own colors using fabric dyes but also Kool-Aid powder (especially for items intended for children). Once finished, my wicker work is sealed with poly, which keeps the colors vibrant and also protects the reeds from moisture if you are using them to hold a batch of warm rolls.