Member artist from 1988 to 2017

“I am a pan-creative artist, which is to say, I enjoy many forms of artistic expression. At VAM my representative works are tied together by an exploration of the SINGLE LINE. I show white on white silk quilted drawings, rendered with both machine and hand quilting. These pieces are an extension of my ink on paper contour portraits, communicating through implication and economy of line, moments of beach life, people facing an unseen ocean, landscape and mind-scape, and animals. Original drawings are reproduced as note cards. My bead creature jewelry depicts each animal using a single piece of brass wire and jewel colored glass beads. I build a tiny being, starting at head or tail and continuing through legs, bones, wings, antenna and faces. My repurposed cloth potholders are the functional equivalent of a very small continuous line quilt. They have been a staple since I joined the Artisans Market in 1988. I showed my large art quilt landscapes as a guest artist before joining as a full member. Making production craft frees up creative brain space to wander and muse while tightening one’s tool skills, much like playing musical scales. While producing batches of repetitive yet individual pieces, playing with color, refining the stages and solving problems, inspiration takes flight.”