Kathleen Horton

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When I first began using a sewing machine to make clothes for my dolls, my mother wouldn’t let me use the foot pedal—I had to advance the needle by using the hand wheel. She was afraid I would sew up my fingers (which I did manage to do about 40 years later). Once I became more skilled I proceeded to make my clothing for school and work, maternity clothes, quilts and many Halloween costumes.

I am a native of Hebron CT and lived there while earning a BA from Western Connecticut State College and an MLS from the University of Rhode Island. My professional career also led me to my husband with whom I have two sons and lots of stories to tell about our life together.

Since retiring from the academic library world in 2011, I’ve been happily reconnecting with activities that have rewarded me in the past. I find that my approach to sewing is different, however–less utilitarian and more creative.

My focus on clothing for little girls probably comes from growing up in a predominantly girl family, then living my adult life with boys and men. Little girls’ things are just so cute! More practically, the smaller sizes are better suited to my technique, since I rely heavily on remnant and other unique materials such as vintage lace and linens.