Jerry Moppert

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I am someone who has found joy in forests and in wood since I was a little boy. Now I am turning bowls from native trees found in my woodlot, which lies on the western ridge overlooking Cambridge. I work from fallen trees or culls in a managed woodlot. Pieces with special features such as spalting (which is partial decay from fungal activity), burls, or other unusual grain are especially interesting to me.

In my turnings I am trying to bring out the special character of the wood and enhance its natural beauty, using traditional bowl forms and proportion as a starting point. I choose my finishes with these goals in mind but am also attentive to final use, so most turnings have a simple walnut oil finish. Over time, as my thoughts about woodturning have evolved, I have become more interested in larger pieces with less symmetry and I am looking forward to exploring these areas.